Friday, December 24, 2010

Pop Star Justin Bieber Net Worth

Canadian teen idol singer Justin Bieber has a net worth of $35.5 million which is much money then the actual Justin bieber worth and he start making money at the age of 16 when his manager uploaded his first song on the Youtube, since that time he is getting more and more fame and money also.

Justin Bieber has more them 7 million fans world wide and most of his fans are girls, obviously young girls. They are mad about Justin Bieber pop songs and JB is mad about some crazy stuffs, like every month he wants a new girlfriend and every day he wants a new mother, because he is too much afraid from her real mother.

I don't like him really and also don't like his creepy voice anyhow everyone has his/her own choice, sorry if you feel bad on my comments about your favorite Justin Bieber.

Natalie Portman Net Worth

Actress Natalie Portman is best fit for the Pride and Prejudice or the new zombies series but one thing is 100% true about her is that she has a great attraction in her deep green eyes. Natalie Portman net worth of her total assets is $35 Million dollars.

I like and admire the acting style of Natalie Portman, if you see her movie "Black Swan" then you may also become the big fan of this beautiful actress who performed her role in a great depth.

Natalie Portman was also a fashion icon for American women in 2007 but now she is a bald woman and most of the women do not like to remove hair from their heads.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How Sharmili Anushka Removing Bra

Tollywood celebrities Anushka and Sharmili are the most beautiful actresses from the south Indian film industry and their dressing style is also very popular among south Indian women, their style of wearing Saree and bra is the hot fashion trend of their region.

If you have an eye on south movie then you may point out one thing that Anushka remove her bra in most of her songs, mostly when she was playing song in water or under rain, may be this the director demand and obviously common housewives cannot do such a things in front of their loving husbands.

So such kind of fantasy is just limited to the film industry and somewhat in fashion industry too.

How Katrina Kaif Choose a Bra?

Do you know how your Katrina Kaif  choosing bra color and size for her outfits?

Here a joke about her.

Katrina Kaif like blue when she is in pink mood and she like white when she is in hot red mood :-_

Neha Sharma Hot Saree Wallpapers

She was known as an apprentice Bollywood actress. Now she becomes a famous leading actress Neha Sharma again in the Hindi movies.

She know the way how to select a matching Saree and her tall height give her one more benefit that she looks more attractive by wearing a Saree, especially when she is showing her navels to her fans in most of her movie songs.

In normal life Neha Sharma rarely wear a Saree and mostly you can see her in a ruff stuff jeans and half sleeves shirt.

Rashmi Desai Hot Photos

This year was a turning year for the Indian TV actress Rashmi Desai. She stopped to conceal that she attracts her co stars. She also give a big surprise to her fans by updating her Facebook status with her new private photos in which she lok damn hot in red Saree.

Rashmi Desai is working hard to entertain her fans and her new drama serial Bahu will definitely give her a special importance in the heart of all dreamy girls who wants to live far way from their mother in laws.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sexiest Female Cartoon Characters Pictures

Jeffrey Scott Campbell a famous comic artist from America, he draw some naughty pictures of Disney princess. I think that J. Scott Campbell must be sign a contract with Walt Disney.

Scott Campbell was actually a school teacher who was also interested in a drawing cartoons and painting natural scenes, afters few years of his teaching he realize that he must adopt the painting as a profession and now world know him as a great painter.

Alice in Wonderland: He create a beautiful portrait about how Alice lost in the Wonder land.

Beauty and the Beast: Yes, this is entirely appropriate sketch of a Prince, who became horny monster.

Cinderella: She is the most famous fantasy charter of comic books.

Sleeping Beauty: Scott Campbell paints a beautiful kissing scene related to this comic story.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: A princes with red miniskirts.
Ariel Mermaid: Well this time you may see a new disguise of  Mermaid.

Peter Pan: Captain Hook got a new trouble for his companions.

Katrina Look Hot in Wet Saree

When Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif start speaking Hindi with almost no detention. She says that a gift of colorful Saree from Salman Khan really comfort her.
But now Katrina Kaif feel discomfort in any colorful Saree and she is ready all the time to undress her Saree in rainy songs.

She looks more beautiful in simple Salwar Kurta as compared with Saree dressing.

Latest Saree Design Patterns

Latest and  incredible Saree designs can be see in latest  Bollywood movies.

We will update our blog reader very soon with fresh and totally new Saree designs in colorful collection.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Yatin K. Dandekar Hot Photography

How long does Yatin K. Dandekar working on scene?Yatin K. Dandekar is a photographer who is famous in all over the India for his possessional photography of female models

It is difficult t for Yatin K. Dandekar to shot models that can really work?
It is not much important for him because is very skilled in his profession and he know very well how to enhance an ordinary girl into a beauty queen.

What kind of relationship Yatin K. Dandekar like with his models?
Straight forward.

Hot Meera Chopra Bikini Photos

The fact is that the Meera Chopra bold shoots in bikini dress, and her new photos which were published in local fashion magazines are the clear proof of her bikini session.

Meera Chopra do not give any importance to anything else her profession and her profession is modeling so I think its not a big deal if she do a bikini modeling because most of the female models in India start their career from such a local and odd brands.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Natasha Alam Hot Pictures

Fashion model Natasha Alam it is a typical moderate personality girl, who is damn serious about her fitness and face beauty.

You can see Natasha Alam hot photos and wallpapers by joining her on her Facebook fan page or you can download her old fashion show pictures from any online fashion magazine.

Nadia Hussain Wedding Pics

Pakistani model Nadia Hussain wedding pictures are published every where on the Internet and almost  every newspaper in Pakistan also published her wedding pictures in their special Sunday edition.

Nadia Hussain is a proudly model who seems as a fashion icon for Pakistani women and they like to design their wedding or bridal dresses by copying the same color and design of Nadia Hussain, I think its so much disgusting to do such a thing.

People should try themselves to design new and fresh dress designs at least on their wedding ceremony.

Yana Gupta Without Underwear Pics

If Yana Gupta reveals her underwear without a Wardrobe Malfunction, then she may escaped from a lot of media questions.

Yana Gupta treat herself as a super model and top actress who can wear anything in any party and her dressing will become a fashion, but I am sure nobody is willing to adopt her Wardrobe Malfunction fashion.

This is not a anti Yana Gupta post, indeed she has a name in the world of fashion and some of her fashion trends are really very popular in Delhi and Mumbai girls.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Kareena Kapoor Bikini Fashion Show

A few days ago a young Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor famous once again by voters in in a fashion show.

Kareena won the title of the most sexiest bikini model of Bollywood film industry, what is your opinion about this voting?

Update our post with your valuable comments.

Kingfisher Calendar 2011 Models Wallpapers

Young Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone famous by voters in Kingfisher Calendar is the official selection judge for the model selection of Kingfisher Calendar 2011.

More then 30 female models were participate in the competition and all models must pass some test in regard to appear on the Kingfisher Calendar as a final contestant.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nazia Iqbal Scandal Pictures

Nazia Iqbal, 35 year old a Pashto singer who is recently get married with a Pashtoon man who belongs to Pakistan but living in Oman.

Nazia Iqbal scandal was discovered only a 3 months before her marriage , which was actually posted by one of her old friend on the Internet, but it is the Nazia Iqbal good luck that this scandalous video do not made any bad impact on her wedding plan.

Now Nazia Iqbal is living a happy marriage life in abroad with her husband.

Pashto Singer Ghazala Javed Scandal

Pashto Actress and famous singer Ghazala Javed responded to questions about her latest MMS scandal.

Ghazala Javed received the Prize as the most classical  Pashto singer back in 2010, now she may won another award as the number one singer who get involved in a recorded video scandal.

This is the picture of  Pashto singer Ghazala Javed which was taken from her home, this photo is about 3 years old and she looks quite beautiful and smart in this picture.

Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman Costume

Hot looking Kim Kardashian has a wonderful personality because she like to get engage in wonderful stuff, besides her scandal life, she is a perfect fashion icon and a distressful model who introduced various fashionable costumes and her most top rated costume dress is the Wonder Woman costume in which she presented this dress in various lovely colors but my favorite is red.

Kim Kardashian publish her photos on Twitter and Facebook profiles in Wonder Woman Costume in which she was looking undoubtedly so good and got a million of thumbs up from her excited fans who had come to the outside to look at Kim and her sister's. Kim sisters were all dressed in blue and black at the show. Kim Kardashian and her Costume Jasmine was of course looks so beautiful.

Kim Kardashian looks not so good in Halloween Costume as usual but her curly hair looks really very good . Her elder and younger sisters were also not looking so bad but OK. Khloe was looking too much bold in the roll collar dress and Kourtney attracted people in black tights, black jacket and a short mini skirt.

Latest Fashion in Pakistan

Recent products from Pakistan are getting a big business with the help of Fashion industry because they hire a top fashion model in their TV commercial and then force people to buy their brand or products.

Pakistani Women as well as men are far away from the world of fashion and showbiz only in villages, and the people living in modern cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are opposite to it because they don't miss the chance to follow new fashion trends.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Indian Next Top Models

Indian next top models are the high class fashion models that are selected by the most experienced old models.

Most of the top models are move toward Bollywood because they find more Glamour and more money in film industry.

Overall this field is not suitable for the girls who want to give respect to their family and parents, because most of the models mostly involved in scandals and these scandals caused to degrade their family members.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pakistani Sexiest Models Wallpapers

The A class of Pakistani models couples has do not show much flexibility to pose in hot or short dresses, but she female models who want to approach the International modeling agencies become agree to do any thing.

You can watch the photos and wallpapers of these Pakistani models in international fashion magazines because their pictures are not published in local magazines.

Facebook Pakistani Girls

Facebook is offering a big and the most vast platform to the worldwide Internet users and now Facebook is the world biggest community website.

Only in Pakistan Facebook has more then 2 million users including boys and girls and now its also very easy to find any girl on the Facebook, you only need to provide some basic information about your targeted girl like her name, school name, city etc and you can reach her.

This stupid trend generated by Facebook is putting a very bad impact on Pakistani students including male and females because in this way they are loosing concentration toward their studies and wasting their time and health as well.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hot Sonam Kapoor in Saree

Next fashion model on our site is the young supermodel of Bollywood Sonam Kapoor, who looks so beautiful in Saree.

Name: Sonam Kapoor
I come from: Bollywood
Horoscope: Leo
Eye color: Dark black
Hairstyle: Straight

Sonam Kapoor would probably feel a great honor to become the next Bollywood Queen because she is very confident about her acting and dialogue delivery skills.

Best of luck Sonam!

Sonakshi Sinha Looks Hot in Saree

Sonakshi Sinha is not just one of the most recognized names in the fashion world but also one of the hottest actress of the Bollywood film industry and her most popular movie is Dubbang in which she make a million fans with Salman Khan. She was a fat lady before she start modeling.

But now if you compare today Sonakshi Sinha with the old fat woman, you may not recognize her. Her nose job is also the reason of her new face look.

Now she is the highly paid actress in the Bollywood and with in a few years she will be the number once actress in the BW.

Aishwarya Rai Saree Below Navel

Salman Khan former girlfriend, and famous Bollywood celebrity Aishwarya Rai is not impressed by the new girlfriend of Salman Khan.

Katrina Kaif is the new competitor of Aishwarya Rai  and she also take the position in showing navel in Saree dresses.

Now we can feel a cold war between Aishwarya and Katrina, but what ever they are doing we have no interest in them and obviously in their hot movie scenes.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Indian First Night Scenes

Wedding first night is called the Mehndi both in Pakistan and India but if you are asking about the first wedding night in the real sense then it is called the suhagraat,.

Suhagraat is a very special night both for the bridal and bridegroom because they are going to start a new life cycle.

Men wear mostly sherwani or pent coat on this event but bridals (dulhan) are decor with lehnga or red Saree.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to Look Like Katrina Kaif

Do you want to look like Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, then do follow the following makeup tricks.

Cheeks and temple
Blush on the convex part of your both cheeks. Light powder is applied to the forehead, temples, and a bit of mid-face, and dark  powder will work fine on the cheeks below the temples.

Cheekbones and narrow chin, 
lower part of your face must be covered with a light powder, and the upper part of the face and the tip of the chin with dark color. 
Then you can apply blush on the both sides of your cheekbones.

long chin 
on the convex part of a long chin, applied the dark powder.

On long chin you need to apply the dark powder but if you have a rounded or short chin then the light powder most suits you.

Now you can see yourself in a mirror to compare yourself with Bollywood queen Katrina Kaif.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Katrina Kaif Pictures in Red and Pink Saree

Katrina Kaif Saree picture gallery including her photos in Red and White Saree but pictures of Katrina Kaif in Pink Saree looks so hot.

Katrina Kaif do not belongs to the land of Hindustan directly because her mother was an Indian and her father was a Jordan man and she was born in England, she also cannot speak Hindi and she never wear a Saree in her life before she move into the Hindi cinema but now she is perfect in wear any kind of Indian saree.

In this picture you can feel Katrina Kaif in a red Saree, she is laying on a sofa like a welcome style.