Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to Look Like Katrina Kaif

Do you want to look like Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, then do follow the following makeup tricks.

Cheeks and temple
Blush on the convex part of your both cheeks. Light powder is applied to the forehead, temples, and a bit of mid-face, and dark  powder will work fine on the cheeks below the temples.

Cheekbones and narrow chin, 
lower part of your face must be covered with a light powder, and the upper part of the face and the tip of the chin with dark color. 
Then you can apply blush on the both sides of your cheekbones.

long chin 
on the convex part of a long chin, applied the dark powder.

On long chin you need to apply the dark powder but if you have a rounded or short chin then the light powder most suits you.

Now you can see yourself in a mirror to compare yourself with Bollywood queen Katrina Kaif.