Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Omegle like Sites

Sites like Omegle are the best choice for people who want to fun by chatting with strangers. Internet world is an amazing world, it give you what you want. A few years back there was not a single site on the web that let you video, audio or text chat with strangers. There was only Yahoo chat rooms that also allow only registered users to chat in chat rooms,

Chatroulette was the first site that was created to give freedom of anonymous chat to all Internet users; you can see chatroulette funny screenshots of girls and guys who got mad on cams during their video chat, such things are too disgusting for a reasonable person but who cares? Omegle was the first alternative site of Chatroulette but now there are more than 100 similar, alternative and same sites like Omegle.

Omegle sites are now available for more populated regional users, means you can chat with strangers through Omegle India site if you are living in India or you can chat with strangers from United States if you belong to America. You can jump to top 10 sites like Omegle and stat making friendship with stranger people.

Warning: Chatting on such a sites with strangers is no doubt full of fun and fantasy but, do not share your personal information like exact street address, credit card number, college name, family member names, etc. Also do not trust on strangers on the first chat meeting and avoid joining a video chat, because any stranger can record your video chat and expose it on Youtube or Facebook. So be careful and wise when ever you decide to chat on sites like Top 10 Sites Like or sites like Chat roulette.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Create Google Plus Account

Google Plus is one of the great free social networking services which will be soon launch for everyone. Getting a free Google + account become a desire of every Internet users and they are looking for Google plus login page or sign up page. Most of the users do not get any suitable answer about why they can’t create an account on Google Plus. In this article, you will come to know how to register a free account on Google Plus one and use this new social network.

Google Plus is right in a Beta testing environment and they still do not open their registration service to everyone, Google Plus have a limited members right now and the ratio of increment in Google + members is also very slow because you cannot make a Google Plus account without an invitation, and invitation option in already registered accounts is also change time to time.

So there are two clear ways to create a Google Plus account , first option is to get invited by someone who already have a G + account or enroll your email address on the Google plus official website and they will inform you abbot their opening.

Google Plus (+) project is may be the last chance for Google to cross and destroy Facebook monopoly, because Facebook users are also getting tired from their useless policies. Google Plus hangout and circles feature may help them to win the race.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rakhi Sawant Blue Film

Rakhi Sawant is not a fashion celebrity and we really don’t have enough space to discuss this fat and bit funny lady in our fashion blog, but as you know this blog is about women and mostly we discuss about female celebrities. Rakhi Sawant is a notorious Bollywood celebrity who is also appeared on several reality shows on various TV channels, including her scandalous appearance in Big Boss reality show on Star Plus.

Rakhi Sawant is a hot item girl who mostly performs item songs with showing breast in Bollywood Hindi films, she is also a good comedian but I do not feel any laugh on her sluggish jokes. Now a day various Internet Celebrity blogs are talking about Rakhi Sawant blue film video clips, I personally do not seen any MMS or video clip about Rakhi. She also wants to marry with Yoga guru Baba Ramdev before the end of 2011.

I also cannot confirm this news because I do not have any interest about this lady; you may discuss the reality of her blue film in comments below, so all of my blog readers who are also big fan of Rakhi Sawant are welcome here to discuss their darling.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alessandra Ambrosio Diet and Workout

Victoria's Secret has a lot of sexiest models around the world but Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio has some thing very special, and her this special thing make her the most prominent and most expensive model of Victoria fashion agency.

We know that Alessandra Ambrosio sexiest figure give her extra an ordinary importance in all over the world, in her a recent interview with Forbes magazine she revealed her diet secrets with her fans, now have a brief look at Alessandra Ambrosio diet secrets and workout tips.

Alessandra Ambrosio diet starts by taking one glass of milk every morning as a breakfast and after 30 minutes of walk she eat one half boiled egg with some bread, at lunch time she only like to take some pieces of chicken burger r chicken pizza and at night she like to eat boiled rice. Alessandra Ambrosio exercise instructor gives her three days in every weak and she is quite satisfy about her physical fitness.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

During Pregnancy Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon is a great blessing for pregnant women, this is a tasty and sweet fruit of summer. This fruit is mostly produces in Asian countries, like Nepal, China, Pakistan and India, but it also export to  various western countries and easily available in fruits market. Watermelon is the only red fruit which contain a lot of fresh water inside and unlike other ordinary fruits, Watermelon are not harvested on tress but in fields.

You may surprise to know Watermelon miraculous health benefits during pregnancy, so if you are pregnant then it is a best diet for your first and second trimester. Have a look at some best uses of watermelon health benefits during pregnancy.

1- Watermelon increase HB level in blood during pregnancy.
2- It protect pregnant women from dehydration.
3- Watermelons are the best remedy to deal with morning sickness and vomiting habbits for pregnant ladies.
4- It contains sufficient quantity of magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin A and C, which keeps your kid healthy.
5- It gives relief from swellings and antioxidants in watermelon, protect from cancer.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Poonam Pandey MMS Video

Poonam Pandey blue film video scandal gives a big boom on Indian print and electronic media, even more then 150 websites officially launched her mms video scandal to watch or download for free. Do you recognize her? Yes she is the same model who claims to dress up her all clothes only if Indian cricket team won the world cup final. Now everybody knows that India won the final and what she is waiting for now?

Obviously this is not her self made video, or official video shooting on her promise, but this is a mobile made video clip which was leaked by her ex boyfriend on their dispute. Well once again she got a huge popularity in all over the India.

Poonam Pandey undressed video clips were leaked on yesterday night but now there are more then 10 versions of her without clothes MMS clips are available on various sites, but if you want to watch her videos, I strongly suggest you to don’t do it. You may waste your time and sight energy by watching her useless slum body. You can watch her fashion show or cat walk video clips by joining her Facebook page

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kangana Ranaut Hot Pics

Many of use are victims of Kangana Ranaut hot pics and photo shot in once upon a time in Mumbai, in IIFA Awards,  Ek Niranjan, Ragini MMS scandal and Fashion movie. Kangana first scandal was published on local Indian news was about her malfunction at Lakme fashion week. Kangana Ranaut without makeup looks not so beautiful; this comment was passed by her ex boyfriend Aditya Pancholi.

Aditya also admit that this Bollywood actress is empty inside, because she has not a real talent and she got movies contracts due to her close but secret relationships with film directors. He also blamed that her net worth was too low a years ago but now she has 10 times more money then her previous networth. Anyways this is their personal dispute and we cannot say that who is right and who is telling wring, we just know one thing that in the world of fashion and glamour every scene is possible and most of the celebrities do not loose any chance to get cheap fame or publicity.

You can watch Kangana Ranaut hot cat walk video recordings at Youtube, in this post I will show you her sexiest cat walk from her all time famous movie "Fashion". She was looking so beautiful in this movie with her wonderful height, if you have any interest in fashion industry then you may get a reasonable lesson by watch this movie.

Kate Middleton Without Clothes

Do you see Kate Middleton pictures without makeup? in which she is drinking a pineapple juice with Prince William? Well there is no doubt that she looks more beautiful without having any makeup on her face, she has a natural face beauty, that's why a royal Prince giver his heart to this yummy looking beauty queen. Kate Middleton announced that in near future she may start her own clothing line.

Yes, she can earn a billion of dollars in this business because she is already a big fashion icon for all modern women not only in Europe but also in America and Asia. You can see Kate Middleton without clothes statue and Lego at various online websites, I don't know either these logos are are really located some where in the world or these are just fake photos developed by Photoshop, but I commit one thing that she looks so real in her Lego and statues.

Kate sister Pippa Middleton is also supporting her and she allow her to use her boutique as a start. Pippa also got a thousands of ready made clothing order after royal wedding, because so many people appreciate her white dressing, and you already know about the round thing in this dress, which was the actual cause of popularity. Anyways this is a good news for the fashion world and indeed bad for Victoria Secrets because they are going to face a hard competition.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zarine Khan No Dress in Bikini

Bollywood new actress Zarine Khan is doing a hard work to make her place in the film industry. She looks similar to Katrina Kaif but Zarine have more attraction because her body and figure is more attractive then Katrina. Both actresses are also facing a jealousy period now a day, because both were introduced by Salman Khan in Bollywood movies. Both actresses were caught on dating with Salman several times by various TV cameras.

Now talk about Zarine Khan bikini fashion, a few days ago she was appeared on a fashion show in Singapore where she surprised her fans when she made a cat walk in bikini dress, no doubt hot Zarine Khan was looking very sizzling  in that 2 piece dress but its not a big issue fr today's celebrities. Zarine Khan new movie Ready gives a big shot at the blockbuster and she also gain a position 3 in top ten Bollywood actresses. Number one position is still hold by Katrina Kaif and Sonakshi Sinha got the second position in the row,

You have to wait at least 3 more months for Zarine Khan latest movie Karikalan, which will be launch in Tamil and her next Hindi movie will be the Partner 2 in which she will again comes with Salman Khan after Veer. Right now we don't have any news about her blue film or without dress MMS video clip, may in future you may hear such a blasting news from your favorite actress.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

How Do I Look Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is not single any more because she just engaged with a crazy raper and at the end of 2011 they will get marry. Kim Kardashian is a fashion icon for US girls and indeed for several European women too. She officially launched her own products in the market and increasing her net worth day by day, her most famous and best selling products are Kim Kardashian perfume and her clothing line, you may already familiar with her wonder woman costume.

Now you want to look like Kim Kardashian? Its very simple you just need to follow her make tricks and hr dressing fashion is already not hidden from you. Have a look at this 6 minutes video tutorial which teach you how to makeup like Kim Kardashian.
Now you don't need to spend thousand of dollars on plastic surgery or nose job, because enhancing beauty is so easy and you just need a proper guideline, and here you can enjoy the full tutorial.

How to Makeup Like Selena Gomez

Do you want to look like Selena Gomez? Well she is the beautiful princess of Walt Disney who landed at America. She is not a Disney star anymore because she is over 18 now and also having a friendship with popular Canadian singer Justin Bieber. You may already listen and read a lot of gossip news about Selena  and Justin breakup, patch up, kissing etc. Well this kind of scandals are the part of every famous celebrity.

Yes you can truly change your face look just like Selena Gomez with a little expertise in makeup techniques. Have a look at the following makeup tutorial and get to know how you can copy her face beauty.
This is a very easy makeup tutorial and you can change your look into Selena Gomez, only in 8 minutes. Yau can hire a professional make-up artist in case you are not familiar with using makeup brushes and kit.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Katrina Kaif MMS Scandal

Katrina Kaif is become the heart beat of million teenager guys not only in India but so many other countries where people like to watch Hindi movies. She is the first Bollywood celebrity who take start as an extra (supporting actress) in a high cast movie but now every film director in the industry wishes to cast her as a leading character in their movies.

Katrina Kaif lovers are madly waiting for her blue film or any other MMS scandal just like her  younger sister Isabel Kaif did in London. TV and press reporter also fixed their eyes on every Katrina and Salman Khan secret meeting to get any clue about their secret romance, but they are not succeeded in their attempt till time.

If you like to watch Katrina Kaif MMS video or blue film then you can see her in the same condition in her first movie Boom, in which she wears a short dress and doing some hot and bold stuff with Gulshan Groover. Anyways seeking about such a news or gossip is only the waste f time, so keep your time precious by doing the right things.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pippa Middleton Hot Bikini Photographs

Prince Harry sister in law Pippa Middleton got in a big trouble after the huge show of her leaked sunbathing pictures that were taken by some funny guys. Obviously Pippa was seen without any dress in a ship picture but now there are comes a dozen of new photographs of Pippa Middleton in which she looks totally blank without clothes. Obviously these are the fake pictures which were created by using some photo editing tool, like Photoshop. The purpose of these pictures is only to earn viewer ship on the Internet and nothing else.

At our blog we believe that Pippa Middleton is a fashion icon, because American and British women are got crazy to follow her hair style and obviously her dressing outfits. Her white dress on Kate Middleton and Harry wedding got the position of a must have wedding dress and only in England, Taylors got more then 10 thousand orders of the same dress like Pippa only in one month.

It is also a hot news on various media channels that Victoria Beckham offer Pippa to do cat walk for her next summer collections, now there is no confirmation either Pippa will accept Victoria offer or not, but one thing is sure that if she start modeling then she will be the most sexiest bikini model of Victoria fashion agency in a record short time.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tamil Actress Trisha Blue Film

Trisha Krishnan is not only belongs to Tamil or South Indian film industry but she also get a high seat in Bollywood film industry and got a dozen of advance film contracts. Besides all this success and celebrity fame she got a black past, do you still remember Trisha bathroom video clip scandal? Yes that MMS clip brings a great controversy in her career and on that period of time she was left her film career and goes abroad with her husband to avoid media objections about how someone make her bathing video with a hidden cam and she still got unaware about the recording. obviously that was a stupid game that someone played with her and upload her video on the Internet.

Now Trisha once again in a big trouble because some blogs are talking about Trisha blue film scandal, does this news is also real? What do you think about your favorite actress? does she can really acts in a blue movie? Obviously not and this news is just a celebrity gossip and fake news same like thousands of other wrong celebs news. In fact Trisha is a rich women and she already made a enough money through which she can live her remaining life with a high protocol.

So if you are also looking for such a fake video clip about Trisha then you must stop your search because there is nothing like that available on the Internet, but wrong and false informations.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Deepika Padukone Latest MMS Scandal

Do you hear any news about the leaking of Deepika Padukone mms mobile clip? Surely a lot of people are searching about downloading Deepika MMS video clip but does anyone have the success? Definitely not, because it’s just fake news that spread on the Internet a few days ago and now all Deepika Padukone fans are mad about watching her scandal video on Youtube and various other video sharing websites, but in reality all they getting fail in their attempts.

Deepika is not only the beautiful and tallest Bollywood actress but she also belongs to a high profile family and she is a well educated person. So why you people is wasting your time in such a hot but fake celebrity gossip.

On our site she is definitely a fashion icon who give new fashion trends to all Indian women so its our right to protest against any propaganda about Deepika. A few months ago the same scandal news was spread about Kareena Kapoor, but what you found? Only a fake animated clip in which Kareena pull off her clothes. Well this is a technological era and there is a dozen of photo and video editing Softwares are available in the market through which you can spoil any celebrity character.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Most Beautiful Indian Wedding Dresses

Weddings are the wonderful, specially in Indian weddings. Women and girls get busy in special shopping to prepare for every wedding in their family or friends. Every woman want to look attractive and most beautiful on Mehndi, Barat and Walima functions. Most of the ladies tries to follow the latest Bollywood fashion ad obviously they copy their favorite actresses. Girls spends a lot of money especially on their clothes and makeup including their fashionable hairstyles. Have a look at the ten most beautiful and sexiest wedding dresses that you can copy to surprise your friends wedding nights.

Yes you recognize right, she is the Miss India Aishwarya Rai who is also a famous Bollywood actress. This dress is full of hand embryonic work.
This a Rajhistani style wedding dress and embroidery work is done by machine, its suit for long height women.
This a Punjabi wedding dress for a perfect white color bride.
She is the gorgeous looking Katrina Kaif in a sky blue and red shading bridal dress.
She is a famous Pakistani model  who is showing beautiful designs for wedding clothes in a Fashion show.
She is wearing a traditional Indian wedding red dress.
This a Sandra Western Wedding dress, which become very popular in local Indian women. 
Yes you guess right this is called the Star Plus Bhabhi dressing, its bit sexy Saree dressing for a lovely wedding night.
Try this out if you want to look hot on your wedding

Aishwarya Rai look so beautiful in this simple looking bridal dressing.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to Gain Weight Drinking Coca Cola

Coca Cola is the most famous soft drink which is widely used in all over the world, people like to serve their guest mostly with Coca Cola or Pepsi cold drinks, these fizzy juices are sounds very tasty but have many side effects and only few benefits. Lets have a look at side effects and health benefits of Coca Cola drink one by one.

Coca Cola side effects:
1- Coca Cola consist on more than 40 preservative chemicals that can causes various diseases.
2 This drink in open form, I mean when you opened the bottle cap, observing various material through air and cause various chemical reactions.
3- This cold drink highly caused obesity problems in little kids and teenagers.
4- It rapidly destroy your teeth and also cause various teeth problems, including bleeding gums and tooth extraction in a low age.
5- It causes stomach ulcers, if you drink it with empty stomach.

Health Benefits of Coca Cola:
1- Every bottle contains at least 8 spoons of sugar, so its the best source to enhance the sugar level in your blood.
2- You can use Coca Cola to gain weight rapidly, because it contains carbonic soda or soda carbonate which is very helpful for weight gaining.
3- Its an instant source of energy, in case you want an instant energy, useful for sports man.