Friday, December 24, 2010

Pop Star Justin Bieber Net Worth

Canadian teen idol singer Justin Bieber has a net worth of $35.5 million which is much money then the actual Justin bieber worth and he start making money at the age of 16 when his manager uploaded his first song on the Youtube, since that time he is getting more and more fame and money also.

Justin Bieber has more them 7 million fans world wide and most of his fans are girls, obviously young girls. They are mad about Justin Bieber pop songs and JB is mad about some crazy stuffs, like every month he wants a new girlfriend and every day he wants a new mother, because he is too much afraid from her real mother.

I don't like him really and also don't like his creepy voice anyhow everyone has his/her own choice, sorry if you feel bad on my comments about your favorite Justin Bieber.

Natalie Portman Net Worth

Actress Natalie Portman is best fit for the Pride and Prejudice or the new zombies series but one thing is 100% true about her is that she has a great attraction in her deep green eyes. Natalie Portman net worth of her total assets is $35 Million dollars.

I like and admire the acting style of Natalie Portman, if you see her movie "Black Swan" then you may also become the big fan of this beautiful actress who performed her role in a great depth.

Natalie Portman was also a fashion icon for American women in 2007 but now she is a bald woman and most of the women do not like to remove hair from their heads.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How Sharmili Anushka Removing Bra

Tollywood celebrities Anushka and Sharmili are the most beautiful actresses from the south Indian film industry and their dressing style is also very popular among south Indian women, their style of wearing Saree and bra is the hot fashion trend of their region.

If you have an eye on south movie then you may point out one thing that Anushka remove her bra in most of her songs, mostly when she was playing song in water or under rain, may be this the director demand and obviously common housewives cannot do such a things in front of their loving husbands.

So such kind of fantasy is just limited to the film industry and somewhat in fashion industry too.

How Katrina Kaif Choose a Bra?

Do you know how your Katrina Kaif  choosing bra color and size for her outfits?

Here a joke about her.

Katrina Kaif like blue when she is in pink mood and she like white when she is in hot red mood :-_

Neha Sharma Hot Saree Wallpapers

She was known as an apprentice Bollywood actress. Now she becomes a famous leading actress Neha Sharma again in the Hindi movies.

She know the way how to select a matching Saree and her tall height give her one more benefit that she looks more attractive by wearing a Saree, especially when she is showing her navels to her fans in most of her movie songs.

In normal life Neha Sharma rarely wear a Saree and mostly you can see her in a ruff stuff jeans and half sleeves shirt.

Rashmi Desai Hot Photos

This year was a turning year for the Indian TV actress Rashmi Desai. She stopped to conceal that she attracts her co stars. She also give a big surprise to her fans by updating her Facebook status with her new private photos in which she lok damn hot in red Saree.

Rashmi Desai is working hard to entertain her fans and her new drama serial Bahu will definitely give her a special importance in the heart of all dreamy girls who wants to live far way from their mother in laws.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sexiest Female Cartoon Characters Pictures

Jeffrey Scott Campbell a famous comic artist from America, he draw some naughty pictures of Disney princess. I think that J. Scott Campbell must be sign a contract with Walt Disney.

Scott Campbell was actually a school teacher who was also interested in a drawing cartoons and painting natural scenes, afters few years of his teaching he realize that he must adopt the painting as a profession and now world know him as a great painter.

Alice in Wonderland: He create a beautiful portrait about how Alice lost in the Wonder land.

Beauty and the Beast: Yes, this is entirely appropriate sketch of a Prince, who became horny monster.

Cinderella: She is the most famous fantasy charter of comic books.

Sleeping Beauty: Scott Campbell paints a beautiful kissing scene related to this comic story.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: A princes with red miniskirts.
Ariel Mermaid: Well this time you may see a new disguise of  Mermaid.

Peter Pan: Captain Hook got a new trouble for his companions.

Katrina Look Hot in Wet Saree

When Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif start speaking Hindi with almost no detention. She says that a gift of colorful Saree from Salman Khan really comfort her.
But now Katrina Kaif feel discomfort in any colorful Saree and she is ready all the time to undress her Saree in rainy songs.

She looks more beautiful in simple Salwar Kurta as compared with Saree dressing.

Latest Saree Design Patterns

Latest and  incredible Saree designs can be see in latest  Bollywood movies.

We will update our blog reader very soon with fresh and totally new Saree designs in colorful collection.