Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scarves: Fall Fashion Trend Must-Haves

Aside from boots and trench coats, what fashion trends do you see during fall or autumn season? Of course, how can you forget scarves! It's one of the signs of the season. Scarves are not only for protection against cold weather. It can also be a fashion statement for fall season. Now, if you are asking me how you should wear them, then read the rest of this entry.

You can buy scarves at a department store. They comes in different colors, length, width and texture. You can also make your own scarf by knitting or crocheting one. Here's another tip from, you can also create an instant fashionable scarf.

How to Create Scarves Instantly
1. Look for a cloth that can stretch a little such as rayon/cotton knit or jersey knit. For every 60 inches by 2 yards fabric, you can already make four single-layer scarves.
2. Fold the fabric in length-wise manner for several times and cut it in four equal pieces using a cutting mat, quilting ruler and rotary cutter. Viola! You now have four scarves with slightly curled edges.

How to Make Thick Scarves
1. Cut the 2-yard long knit fabric into two (lengthwise).
2. Fold each piece and sew it to form a big rectangle shape. Be sure to leave a small opening so that you can turn it from the inside-out.
3. Sew the small opening to close it.

How To Make Scarves With Texture
1. Wet the scarf and twist it.
2. Use a rubber band to secure it and to maintain the twist.
3. Let it dry.

Photo: runwaydaily

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