Monday, November 23, 2009

Twilight Saga: New Moon Movie Fashion Guide

Bella's Birthday Dress
The green dress that was supposed to be given by Alice for Bella's birthday was designed by Tish Monaghan. Bella's look was also completed with an old navy sweater.

Bella Swan's Everyday Fashion
For regular days, Bella Swan wore pieces from Band of Outsiders, J Brand and lot of sneakers from Nike, Keds and Converse.

Alice Cullen Fashionable Look
The Cullen's most fashionista member, Alice, sported crimson-hued Gala gloves and accessories from Banana Republic, Ray-Ban and Lacoste.
Twilight Saga New Moon Movie Fashion Guide

Jacob Black's Tranformation
Jacob wore tailored t-shirts and shoes with lifts to emphasize his body and weight.

Jane wore custom-made black cloaks.

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