Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to Gain Weight Drinking Coca Cola

Coca Cola is the most famous soft drink which is widely used in all over the world, people like to serve their guest mostly with Coca Cola or Pepsi cold drinks, these fizzy juices are sounds very tasty but have many side effects and only few benefits. Lets have a look at side effects and health benefits of Coca Cola drink one by one.

Coca Cola side effects:
1- Coca Cola consist on more than 40 preservative chemicals that can causes various diseases.
2 This drink in open form, I mean when you opened the bottle cap, observing various material through air and cause various chemical reactions.
3- This cold drink highly caused obesity problems in little kids and teenagers.
4- It rapidly destroy your teeth and also cause various teeth problems, including bleeding gums and tooth extraction in a low age.
5- It causes stomach ulcers, if you drink it with empty stomach.

Health Benefits of Coca Cola:
1- Every bottle contains at least 8 spoons of sugar, so its the best source to enhance the sugar level in your blood.
2- You can use Coca Cola to gain weight rapidly, because it contains carbonic soda or soda carbonate which is very helpful for weight gaining.
3- Its an instant source of energy, in case you want an instant energy, useful for sports man.

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