Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Create Google Plus Account

Google Plus is one of the great free social networking services which will be soon launch for everyone. Getting a free Google + account become a desire of every Internet users and they are looking for Google plus login page or sign up page. Most of the users do not get any suitable answer about why they can’t create an account on Google Plus. In this article, you will come to know how to register a free account on Google Plus one and use this new social network.

Google Plus is right in a Beta testing environment and they still do not open their registration service to everyone, Google Plus have a limited members right now and the ratio of increment in Google + members is also very slow because you cannot make a Google Plus account without an invitation, and invitation option in already registered accounts is also change time to time.

So there are two clear ways to create a Google Plus account , first option is to get invited by someone who already have a G + account or enroll your email address on the Google plus official website and they will inform you abbot their opening.

Google Plus (+) project is may be the last chance for Google to cross and destroy Facebook monopoly, because Facebook users are also getting tired from their useless policies. Google Plus hangout and circles feature may help them to win the race.

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