Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Deepika Padukone Latest MMS Scandal

Do you hear any news about the leaking of Deepika Padukone mms mobile clip? Surely a lot of people are searching about downloading Deepika MMS video clip but does anyone have the success? Definitely not, because it’s just fake news that spread on the Internet a few days ago and now all Deepika Padukone fans are mad about watching her scandal video on Youtube and various other video sharing websites, but in reality all they getting fail in their attempts.

Deepika is not only the beautiful and tallest Bollywood actress but she also belongs to a high profile family and she is a well educated person. So why you people is wasting your time in such a hot but fake celebrity gossip.

On our site she is definitely a fashion icon who give new fashion trends to all Indian women so its our right to protest against any propaganda about Deepika. A few months ago the same scandal news was spread about Kareena Kapoor, but what you found? Only a fake animated clip in which Kareena pull off her clothes. Well this is a technological era and there is a dozen of photo and video editing Softwares are available in the market through which you can spoil any celebrity character.

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