Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tamil Actress Trisha Blue Film

Trisha Krishnan is not only belongs to Tamil or South Indian film industry but she also get a high seat in Bollywood film industry and got a dozen of advance film contracts. Besides all this success and celebrity fame she got a black past, do you still remember Trisha bathroom video clip scandal? Yes that MMS clip brings a great controversy in her career and on that period of time she was left her film career and goes abroad with her husband to avoid media objections about how someone make her bathing video with a hidden cam and she still got unaware about the recording. obviously that was a stupid game that someone played with her and upload her video on the Internet.

Now Trisha once again in a big trouble because some blogs are talking about Trisha blue film scandal, does this news is also real? What do you think about your favorite actress? does she can really acts in a blue movie? Obviously not and this news is just a celebrity gossip and fake news same like thousands of other wrong celebs news. In fact Trisha is a rich women and she already made a enough money through which she can live her remaining life with a high protocol.

So if you are also looking for such a fake video clip about Trisha then you must stop your search because there is nothing like that available on the Internet, but wrong and false informations.

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