Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Katrina Kaif MMS Scandal

Katrina Kaif is become the heart beat of million teenager guys not only in India but so many other countries where people like to watch Hindi movies. She is the first Bollywood celebrity who take start as an extra (supporting actress) in a high cast movie but now every film director in the industry wishes to cast her as a leading character in their movies.

Katrina Kaif lovers are madly waiting for her blue film or any other MMS scandal just like her  younger sister Isabel Kaif did in London. TV and press reporter also fixed their eyes on every Katrina and Salman Khan secret meeting to get any clue about their secret romance, but they are not succeeded in their attempt till time.

If you like to watch Katrina Kaif MMS video or blue film then you can see her in the same condition in her first movie Boom, in which she wears a short dress and doing some hot and bold stuff with Gulshan Groover. Anyways seeking about such a news or gossip is only the waste f time, so keep your time precious by doing the right things.

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