Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alessandra Ambrosio Diet and Workout

Victoria's Secret has a lot of sexiest models around the world but Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio has some thing very special, and her this special thing make her the most prominent and most expensive model of Victoria fashion agency.

We know that Alessandra Ambrosio sexiest figure give her extra an ordinary importance in all over the world, in her a recent interview with Forbes magazine she revealed her diet secrets with her fans, now have a brief look at Alessandra Ambrosio diet secrets and workout tips.

Alessandra Ambrosio diet starts by taking one glass of milk every morning as a breakfast and after 30 minutes of walk she eat one half boiled egg with some bread, at lunch time she only like to take some pieces of chicken burger r chicken pizza and at night she like to eat boiled rice. Alessandra Ambrosio exercise instructor gives her three days in every weak and she is quite satisfy about her physical fitness.

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