Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ai Haneda Soft Gratis

Real Name: AV Tanaka
Age: 21 years

Destination: Germany, now a days living in Japan
Hobbies: Disco dance, drawing pictures and various art works.
Mission of life: Want to achieve something extra ordinary in life.
Ai Haneda hate most: My biggest weakness? Laziness and inattention.

Fan comments: Ai Haneda Facebook fans do believe that she is the most prettiest woman on the land of rising sun and may be she belongs to some other planet. Her fans also like her soft gratis video clips in which she acts so naturally.

Ai Haneda looks like: Ai Haneda looks like the hottest AAV star from Asia who appeared in Japan and then move to United States where she is busy in the mas production of her latest video clips. These video clips are mostly represent Ai Haneda fashion sense.

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