Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Namitha Dress Change MMS Scandal

Name: Namitha Kapoor
Age: 21 years

Location: Tamil Nadu
Hobbies: dancing in bathroom, theater, cinema, and travel with my family.
Motive of life: I want to enjoy the each and every moment of life without any sorrow and depression but I know it cannot be true
Namitha hate: I hate people who are in the habit of backbiting.

Fan comments:
Namitha is a fabulous Tamil actress who also performed in various Telugu movies, recently she involved and almost caught in a dress change and bathing video clip MMS scandal on the Internet, but in reality she do not belongs to any scandal or MMS clip. Namitha got too much upset from these fake news and scandalous world. Namitha favorite movie is blue film Ghosts, which is the worst scary film she ever seen in her life.

Looks like: Namitha looks like an old Bollywood clerk, who always try to disappear with staff salaries.

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